Fifty years ago, the founders of TROT had a dream
that has changed the lives of thousands of people.

Today, as stewards of TROT, we have a new vision that will advance TROT for the next 50 years. A covered arena provides an essential need to all of TROT’s participants to shield them from the harsh southwest summer temps. 


The Case for Shade

Continuity of Care

Helping riders eliminate any opportunity for regression of physical and emotional achievements during the summer months when TROT is not in session.

Volunteer Retention

TROT's 160+ volunteers walk miles in the arena and some days can be very tiring. A covered arena would help prevent skin cancer, dehydration, and keep our volunteers healthier and happier!

Year-Round Programming

Currently, TROT is only able to offer services from September to May due to the intense Arizona heat. TROT will be able to offer classes, camps, events, and workshops the entire year!

Organizational Stability

The covered arena would provide a place for more students during the year, social events, workshops, camps, and PATH certified seminars.

Increased Capacity

A covered arena will expand TROT's therapeutic programming by 800 hours--a 40% increase!

Prevent Aggravation of Symptoms

The covered arena will reduce the risk of seizures, dehydration, and heat exhaustion in fragile children.

Expand Daily Hours

Class sessions will be more flexible to accommodate busy working families and classes will never worry about cancelling due to bad weather.

Shaded Training Space

Some of TROT's horses are sensitive to the sun. The covered arena will provide a shaded area for exercising and training the herd especially during the intense summer days.
  • 90′ x 170′ structure – 15,300 Square feet
  • Steel panels
  • Roof with Skylights
  • Three large ventilation fans
  • Sprinkler system for dust control

Arena to include:

  • New concrete walk-way
  • Bleacher seating
  • Lighting
  • Specialized arena footing
  • Audio System
  • Permanent donor recognition

We have met our construction fundraising goal!
But our work is not finished.  Keep scrolling to see how you can help!

Where we are in the Process

December 2020: Moving the Round Pens 

TROT’s round pens are used daily for routine exercise and training by the instructors to keep all of TROT’s horses in top physical performance for their work in our therapeutic programs.

Steve Ozee, TROT’s Property and Barn Manager, and a group of volunteers from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints put in a lot of hours digging up footing, moving panels, and resetting the round pens. They shifted the round pens closer to the barn and out of what will be the steel lay-down area. 

January 2021: New Turn-outs

The covered arena is going to be built in place of  the dressage arena, located at the north side of our property. This area is currently used as a turnout for horses during the day. Unfortunately, we are unable to move or reuse the steel piping for a new turnout once build starts.

In January, TROT received new fence panels to create a new turn out with plenty of stretching space for our horses to enjoy. 

Februray 2021: Parsons Steel Delivery Planning

TROT ordered the steel for the covered arena in November 2020 through Parson’s Steel. The steel is due to be delivered in March 2021. Here, Steve Ozee is meeting with Parsons Steel to find the best path to deliver the steel and the location of where they will place the steel. 

March 2021: Additional Turnout

Currently, TROT utilizes what we call the “dressage arena” as a turn out for some of our horses throughout the week. Unfortunately, once construction starts for the covered arena, the TROT horses will need to find a new place to spend quality mental health time. In February, TROT ordered new steel panels for the turn out. Over the weekend, our Barn Manager Steve, and a handful of National Guard members, completed the new pasture turnout! 

March 2021: TROT Breaks Ground

Friday March 19, 2021 marks the momentous occasion that we have been dreaming of for over 10 years. Members of the TROT staff were accompanied by board members, major donors and families of TROT participants. If you missed our story in the news CLICK HERE to watch the coverage.

March 2021: Steel is Delivered!

Have you heard?! The steel has been delivered! This pile of unpainted steel may not look like much to most people, but to TROT and those who have helped in the process, this pile of steel radiates dedication, persistence, and shows us that hard work pays off–Our long time dream is almost here. Building a covered arena is not an easy task. We are doing it. The covered arena is being built. We cannot wait to see our participants SHINE IN THE SHADE!

April 1, 2021: The Arena is Gone

This is no April Fools joke. TROT has officially said goodbye to the old dressage arena. This isn’t the first construction project on TROT property, but this is the biggest. The removal of the old secured fencing will give space for large equipment to begin creating an environemnt where all participants, horses, staff, and volunteers will be protected from the Arizona summers. Stick around, there is more to come! 

April 2021: Perimeter Check

Before bringing in the big drills and concrete trucks, Llyod Construction carves out the perimeter of where the arena will fit under the covered arena structure.

April 2021: Rebar Delivery

The perimeter of the arena has been filled in, flattened, and compacted. First big truck delivery for the covered arena. After drilling all 16 holes, these rebar steel casings will be inserted into the 20′ holes and filled with cement.

May 2021: Drilling

Drilling SIXTEEN 4′ x 20′ holes into the ground! 

May 2021: Dropping Rebar

All sixteen of the holes are dug and the rebar cages have been inserted. Next step is to fill each 20 foot deep hole with concrete. These “caissons” when finished will provide a perfect foundation for the covered arena structural steel. Did you know it will take 16 trucks of concrete to finish this phase of the project? That is one truck per hole!

May 2021: Pouring Concrete
The Llyod Construction team has an early morning as conrete arrived and was poured into the caissons. These caissons are the foundation for the steel pillars that will hold and support the roof of the covered arena. They will need to sit and cure for up to one week before any steel is erected and secured to their new foundation.

June 2021: Steel Delivery
The last delivery of steel has arrived! 

June 2021: Raising the Roof
The concrete that was poured passed inspection. Next phase of the project is erecting and securing the structural steel. Here to see two crances lifting the steel into place as Lloyd Construction bolt each piece into place.

June 2021: Infrastructure Complete

TADA! The cranes have finished lifting and the crew has finished securing the steel into place. 

July 2021: Painting Finished!

Painting has been completed. Check out the big green TROT machine! Next up, installing the paneling, roof, and fascia. 

July 2021: Steel Paneling and Roofing

We are putting the panel to the metal! Parsons Steel Builders are out this week to install all of the arena flashing, paneling, and roofing. This stage of the project will take up to 4 weeks to complete. 

July: Mid-Progress

One week down for installing the paneling, roofing, and fascia. As the Parsons Steel Team is working on this phase, Aardvark Electric is starting to out the electric panel together to support three big fans, LED lights, and a sound system! 

August: Steel Installation is Complete

The covered arena has a cover! Thanks to Parson’s Steel, TROT’s covered arena has a completed roof and fascia.

August: Install Lights

Thanks to Aardvark Electric, the covered arena has big beautiful LED lights!

August: Electric Testing

Construction is almost finished! Aardvark Electric teams came out in the evening time to check all electric connections and make sure the arena had sufficient light. What do you guys think?

UP NEXT: Arena Fencing

Recognized as the Outstanding Philanthropic Foundation in 2020 by the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona, the Connie Hillman Family Foundation of Tucson is well known for their generosity. TROT is extremely honored to be awarded a 50% match by this foundation for the covered arena capital campaign.

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Expanded programs means more horses, staff, and opportunities for individuals affected by disabilities to
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