May 1, 2021
Horses are Healers.
Horses are Healers
Written By: Trish W - BITS Participant
My name is Trish. I have been fortunate to have witnessed how horses can transform and heal us. They teach us kindness, respect, empathy and courage, all by their example.When I was 13 years old, I was afraid of horses and of heights. My parents gave me one month of riding lessons to try to help. The teacher....
January 1, 1970
TROT Heroes – Created by Dikki Van Helsland
Written By:
Born in Hungary, Dikki Van Helsland lived in Germany until arriving in the United States with her family in 1950. With not having television in her life until after marriage, her childhood was filled with handmade and beautiful crafts inspired by the nature around her. While her basic art ability is self-developed, Van Helsland graduated....
January 1, 2021
A New Executive Director at TROT
New Executive Director of TROT
Written By: Jeff Copfer
Hello everyone,  My name is Jeffrey Copfer, but please call me Jeff.  I am so incredibly honored to have been selected as TROT’s new Executive Director.  I must take a moment to thank Peter for the incredible work he has done.  Your dedication and passion for TROT are evident in all that you are teaching....
November 25, 2020
A Letter from a Grateful Family
Written By: K. Pichitino
Dear TROT staff, volunteers, members of the board and the community, Our family wanted to take a few moments and let you know; how extremely thankful for TROT we are. We are thankful for TROT for several reasons. We are a new family at TROT and our son has special needs. He requires various types....
November 1, 2020
Mission Moment
Written By: Margaux DeConcini, Development Director
Andrew is new to TROT and rides in a group on Thursday morning. The first week of classes, Andrew was visibly nervous but eager to ride. His mother and father watched their son mount a horse for the first time. Dora, his class instructor, shared the magic words to ask Skittles to move forward. With one prompt,....
August 24, 2020
Hearts & Horses Gala - A Virtual Event
Written By: The TROT Team
Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, many of TROT’s events have been cancelled. This includes our annual fundraising gala which normally provides a significant portion of our annual income. Consequently, TROT has decided to move our 22nd Hearts and Horses Gala to a virtual platform that everyone can Enjoy! Save the expense of the suit and little black dress and instead TROT in PLACE on Saturday, October 17th! Spend the entire evening however you choose. Enjoy an overdue night in with friends; make dinner at home with the family; have a date night with your significant other; or a virtual company party with your colleagues. TROT is throwing a #TROTINPLACE house party! To make this virtual event possible, TROT is utilizing OneCause, an easy to use online platform that will make fundraising easy for everyone! Closer to the event, a link will be provided with a step-by-step guide which will allow you to....
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