November 25, 2020
A Letter from a Grateful Family
Written By: K. Pichitino

Dear TROT staff, volunteers, members of the board and the community,

Our family wanted to take a few moments and let you know; how extremely thankful for TROT we are. We are thankful for TROT for several reasons. We are a new family at TROT and our son has special needs. He requires various types of therapies and has since his birth. The one thing he has worked so extremely hard for is his voice. The simple gift of verbal communication. In the last eight weeks, we have heard & seen more language and communication development in our son it is remarkable!

Words and simple sentences just keep coming. I was able to hear and he was able to say “MOMMY” for the first time in his life ever, since starting horse therapy. We have seen his physical strength improve, his self-confidence has drastically gone up, his behavior has improved too. He has also formed a beautiful bond with a kind, loving, gentle horse named, Fiesta. 

All too often, unfortunately, families of special needs children are left with broken promises and given false hope when it comes to programs and therapies for special needs children, but, TROT, does not fall into that group. I truly remember thinking, “this better not be another letdown or disappointment and I hope the staff really does understands/respects kids with special needs.” And it has NOT been that way and you know what? THEY DO UNDERSTAND & RESPECT KIDS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS & WANT TO HELP THEM SUCCEED!!!!! YIPEE & YEEHAW!!

Once a week, very early in the morning, my son, hops out of bed and rushes to get ready and out the door, with a smile on his face and a skip in his step. All to go ride his horse and learn some new skills. In the past, we have never seen that response towards therapy or activity ever.

The staff and volunteers are what make TROT, TROT. Miss Sophie has a true gift; her voice and communication style is just beautiful. She invests so much into her students, including my son. From matching the volunteers, horses, and classmates to what she plans for each class. She sees the abilities and not the disabilities in students, she also becomes their friend. My son shows up willingly to TROT because he is respected and understood and for that, we again say thank you to all the TROT volunteers, staff, and especially to Fiesta!

With thankfulness & blessings,
M. K. R. Pichitino
*This letter was approved to share in the newsletter by the family who wrote it*

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