January 1, 2021
New Executive Director of TROT
Written By: Jeff Copfer

Hello everyone, 

My name is Jeffrey Copfer, but please call me Jeff.  I am so incredibly honored to have been selected as TROT’s new Executive Director.  I must take a moment to thank Peter for the incredible work he has done.  Your dedication and passion for TROT are evident in all that you are teaching me!

Everything starts with my family because they are my everything!  I have been married to my wife, Amy, for 27 years, and we have three children. Our daughter, Phoebe, is a senior in the U of A pre-veterinary program and is hoping to be accepted into the U of A Vet program. Her twin brother, Noah, is a professional comedian and actor in Los Angeles and has recently won several best actor awards in an independent short film.  Our youngest son, Jonah, is a senior at Tanque Verde High School and was just accepted at the U of A.  His dream is to become an Engineer.  My lovely wife, Amy, is a native Tucsonan and is a Doctor of Pharmacy specializing in critical care and cardiology at the Tucson VA Hospital.  We live only five minutes from TROT with our two horses: Ernie who is an Arabian/Saddlebred mix and Bert who is an Arabian.  We also have three dogs, ten chickens, five tortoises, two cats, a snake, a bearded dragon, two tree frogs, and a fish tank.   Whew!

I was born and raised in West Berlin, Germany.  After completing High School in Germany, I joined the US Air Force and finished my nearly nine-year career as an Instructor at Vandenberg AFB in California and then transitioned into law enforcement.  

For the last 26 years, I have been a deputy sheriff with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department ascending to the rank of Captain. I am closing my law enforcement career as the Administrative Division Commander responsible for strategic oversight and guidance of the 160-million-dollar department budget, recruiting, human resources for the over 1,400 employees of the department and the training section responsible for the police and corrections academies.  I am a graduate of the Senior Management Institute for Police at Boston University, Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command, U of A Southwest Leadership Program, FBI LEEDA Command and Executive Leadership Institutes, and the Arizona Leadership Program. 

With over a decade of mid to executive level experience in budgeting, human resources, project management, strategic planning, and organizational leadership, I think TROT is the home I have always yearned for.  Coming from an organization that values the immense contributions of volunteers, I already am so impressed with the TROT volunteers. Hats off to them all!  I must also keep my hat off for all the staff at TROT; they are consummate passionate professionals.  How did I get so lucky to be surrounded by such invigorating and inspiring dedication?  TROT is an amazing facility with dedicated professional people, a noble vision and mission that we shall never lose sight of or compromise.  It is the “WHY” of our core values that will drive us in every decision we make at TROT. In collaboration with everyone in this organization, I hope to increase the “hoof print”  of TROT;  expand the scope and size of our programs to fulfil our vision to its highest potential;  reach as many individuals as possible who could benefit from TROT;  allow a growing list of participants  to experience the absolute healing power of a human and horse relationship; and empower them to feel the sense of accomplishment, value, self-worth, and individual growth that TROT makes happen every day!.  Thank you to the Board of Directors, Staff, Volunteers, and generous donors for your trust and faith.  I have no doubt that together we will achieve everything we set out to do!

Give me a call or stop by my office, I would love to meet you!

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