July 14, 2021
TROT + Arizona Burn Foundation
Written By: Margaux DeConcini, Development Director

TROT is excited to begin collaborating with the Arizona Burn Foundation (ABF) to provide healing opportunities for the burn community. The leadership and team at TROT share similar values as ABF by helping individuals achieve personal and emotional growth.

For more than 50 years, Arizona Burn Foundation has provided high-quality support programs for Arizona children and adult burn survivors and their families. Ever since, they have collaborated with organizations, communities, medical professionals, burn centers, and hospitals across the state to ensure that anyone who suffers a burn injury receives the highest standard of care and assistance. ABF’s mission is to improve the quality of life for burn survivors and their families, while promoting burn prevention, advocacy, and education. Burn treatment and recovery requires a community. Survivors and their families rely on medical professionals and receive emotional support from staff, family and friends. That’s why ABF offers compassionate services that brings all parties together through a comprehensive continuum of care model.

Some of the many benefits of equine-assisted therapy for burn survivors and their unique healing needs including: improved communication and memory, problem-solving, self-confidence, flexibility, muscle strength, and trust. TROT is looking forward to partnering with ABF to provide additional opportunities of hope, healing and thriving!

For information about programs offered by ABF, please contact them at programs@azburn.org or www.azburn.org

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