November 1, 2020
Mission Moment
Written By: Margaux DeConcini, Development Director
Andrew is new to TROT and rides in a group on Thursday morning. The first week of classes, Andrew was visibly nervous but eager to ride. His mother and father watched their son mount a horse for the first time. Dora, his class instructor, shared the magic words to ask Skittles to move forward. With one prompt, Andrew projected loud and clear, “WALK ON, SKITTLES!” His parents were proud to witness Andrew’s cooperation and willingness to participate. This was the very first time they had seen Andrew follow any instruction with only one prompt!

After Andrew’s third week of class, his father eagerly shared how excited and motivated Andrew is about coming to TROT to ride Skittles. Dad recounted that the night before one of his classes, they were discussing what needed to be done before class the next morning. During the conversation, Andrew’s mother told him that he would need to take a bath before coming to TROT. As the evening progressed, mom and dad started wondering where Andrew was. To their surprise, they found him in the bathroom, and for the first time in his life, Andrew was running the water for his bath. They were astounded!

Andrew’s father said, “I see less frustration in Andrew’s day-to-day communications with people. The short precise communication Andrew has with Skittles helps him make smaller sentences when expressing his wants and needs with my wife and me.”
“Whatever it is, Andrew LOVES coming to TROT and is motivated by the idea of riding each week.”-Andrew’s Father
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