July 1, 2020
Stronger Together
Written By: Margaux DeConcini, Development Director

Local Tucson businesses, agencies, and community members are all coming together to battle the COVID pandemic. We are raising funds for those in need, advocating for those without a voice, and selflessly donating essentials, time and needed services. The effects felt by COVID-19 have been widespread and created impacts unlike anything that we’ve ever seen. The current status of our community is difficult to navigate due to the unprecedented uncertainties around us. One thing we do know is certain, is that the members of the Tucson Community will do everything they can to make sure their Tucson family comes out of the pandemic even stronger than when they entered.

TROT has been the recipient of the many wonderful examples of Tucson coming together. We have been fed with delicious tamales by El Charro Café, have had our windows spotlessly cleaned by Gabe, and graciously received a donation of 500 N95 masks from Lowes Home Improvement. TROT is extremely grateful for the love and support of our community and most of all, your shared belief in the power of TROT!

We are stronger together, we can do more together.

El Charro Café
311 N Court Ave, Tucson, Arizona | (520) 622-1922

Gabe’s Spotless Window Cleaning
Tucson, Arizona | (520) 404-4106

Lowes Home Improvement, Store #1754
7105 E Speedway Blvd, Tucson, Arizona 85710 | (520) 721-3510

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