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Born in Hungary, Dikki Van Helsland lived in Germany until arriving in the United States with her family in 1950. With not having television in her life until after marriage, her childhood was filled with handmade and beautiful crafts inspired by the nature around her. While her basic art ability is self-developed, Van Helsland graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Fine Arts Degrees from Old Dominion University, Virginia.

Her work experience includes design, silkscreen, and faux art for an interior restoration company as well as private residences, large murals, commissions, and batik house portraits. Batik is the art of using wax as a resist on fine cotton and altering between dying and waxing, working from light to dark colors. As colors are dyed into the cloth, they are either preserved with the resist or merged with other dye colors to create an almost endless range of colors. In the process some of the wax may break and create fine lines in the design. This is pretty much a mystery until the wax is removed and the piece’s details are revealed.

Van Helsland has won numerous awards, shown in galleries throughout the US and exhibited in Europe. Her work is in private collections in the U.S., France, Germany, Japan, Hungary, Greece, and in the Phillip Morris and Hughes Corporation art collections. Today, Dikki Van Helsland’s art is represented by Desert Artisans Gallery and Art House Centro in Tucson, Gallery of Dreams in St. David, and the Tubac Center of the Arts.

In her most recent piece, Van Helsland captured the essence of TROT through the faces of our magnificent herd—the true heroes of TROT.

TROT Heroes will be on display for the public starting February 9th at Desert Artisans Gallery. The gallery hours are 11am to 3pm Tuesday through Saturday. This piece will be available for purchase during a TROT sponsored silent auction March 1st-7th. Silent auction proceeds will benefit TROT’s essential programs.

Desert Artisans’ Gallery
6536 E. Tanque Verde Rd
Tucson, AZ 85715

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