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Why horses?

Horses can be an emotional mirror for humans. They respond to the feelings we show. They are gently and trustworthy and respond in kindness when treated the same. Horses enhance our riders’ lives through their movement.

For children with physical challenges, horses provide a movement experience that is unparalleled in other therapies. A child in a wheelchair experiences newly found freedom of movement on a walking horse. This increased self-confidence, balance and posture often translates to activities at school or on the playground.

TROT’s horse partners are selected for their exceptional temperament, good health, soundness and smooth gaits and are carefully matched to the needs of the rider, helping propel with a variety of psychological issues as well as physical injuries and disabilities. The horse provides ample opportunities for the client to experience movement and sensory input, and that combination can produce powerful results in improved physical, mental, social and emotional well-being.

The horse moves in a rhythmic, symmetrical, and organized way. Each step the horse takes provides strong sensory and physical input in many dimensions including up and down, side to side, and back and forth. By asking for variations in these movements the therapist or instructor gains results that cannot be achieved by a machine or duplicated in a clinic setting.


Beebee is a dark bay American Quarter Horse cross mare with the cutest dapples anywhere to be found. Beebee has already begun her work in our EAC program, and we can’t wait for her to join our adaptive riding program, as well.


Carmela is a Halflinger mare who is a staple in our therapeutic riding program. This versatile pony is best known for her good looks and smooth gaits. In her free time, she enjoys snacking on grass and hanging out with her pasture mates.


Dixie is a very loving and kind Quarter Horse mare. She takes special care of some of our youngest and most delicate riders. Dixie always seems to know what her riders need as she moves around the arena nice and steady, focusing on each and every step she takes. She is truly a splendid example of horses know best!


Fiesta is a handsome, athletic Paint/Quarter Horse gelding who loves being a part of our therapeutic riding program. Fiesta is the first to greet you with a sweet nicker on your way down to the barn. In his spare time, Fiesta loves to spend time on the green pastures with his friends.


Fish is a dynamic and attentive Welsh pony gelding. In his previous career, he was a hunter/jumper and loves the more relaxed atmosphere here at TROT. Fish would be any child’s dream pony and we are excited to have him as part of our team!


Furs, a sorrel gelding with a white blaze, was a ranch horse in a past life who is better suited for his new job at TROT. With his willing nature and good looks, he is on the right path to being a favorite of our TROT participants!

Prince Julian

Prince Julian is a very intelligent and expressive Morgan gelding. He is one of the newest members at TROT and has made friends easily and gets along with everyone at the barn. Julian has been introduced to his new position and has excelled in his training thus far. His favorite pastime is definitely pasture day when he is turned out with his new friends! Julian joins Fish as a member of 'Cynthia's Herd' which was created by a memorial gift for the purchase of TROT horses in memory of Cynthia Stanford, a long-time friend of TROT.


Raven is a well rounded BLM branded Idaho stock Mustang. He is extremely smart and picks up thinks quickly. In fact, he is already a part of our EAC program! Raven gets along with all of his barn-mates and enjoys his pasture time. Raven joins Fish & Julian as a member of 'Cynthia's Herd' which was created by a memorial gift for the purchase of TROT horses in memory of Cynthia Stanford, a long-time friend of TROT.


Ringo is a long time herd member here at TROT and a well seasoned therapeutic riding horse. He is a grey Quarter Horse gelding. Ringo has an amazing trot for all our riders and has helped transform some of the most wiggly participants into riders with a quiet seat and proper posture. From the drill team with big flags around him to riding out on the trail, nothing seems to faze this reliable veteran.


Rune is a Fjord gelding who is a fantastic independent riding horse. He excels at teaching people to be confident, determined, and clear in the use of their aids. He is an excellent independent riding horse and his playful personality will have you smiling.


Shadow is a beautiful palomino gelding and the newest addition to the TROT herd. He is being introduced to his teammates within our herd, and he enjoys his time out in the pastures with them. Shadow is a beautiful mover, and his large stature will be a perfect fit for both our adult and veteran riders.

Sir Lawrence

Sir Lawrence is a Quarter Horse gelding and came to TROT in 2019 as a donation from the Levey Foundation here in Tucson. With his shiny bay coat, everyone is sure to notice him! Sir Lawrence is as loving as he is handsome. He is quick to greet you at the gate, eager to please, and if you scratch just behind his right ear, you will surely make a new friend for life.


Skittles is a multi-talented Paint/Draft gelding. Skittles is part of all our programs here at TROT and works with students of all ages and abilities. He is very playful and even knows a few tricks. If you look closely, you can see his handlebar mustache.


Sparky is a Shetland pony who is a true TROT veteran! Sparky is a perfect gentleman, he even knows how to open the gates for his friends. He works in our Therapeutic Riding program and Equine Assisted Learning programs and is a great teacher for any student.


Wrangler was a roping horse before arriving here at TROT and has quickly won over the hearts of everyone he meets. He enjoys the slower paced lifestyle of a TROT horse and has integrated into the herd, making many friends along the way. Wrangler is a sweet chestnut gelding that will be able to meet the needs of both our child and adult riders after his continued training from our program staff.

Horse Headshots completed by Anouschka Rokebrand www.anouschkarokebrand.com

Could your horse be a TROT horse?

It takes a very special horse to make it into our programs. Our horses are hard-working with personality traits that make them great at what they do! Having a talented and well-rounded herd is the backbone of our programs. Our horses come in all shapes and sizes in order to accommodate our riders…who also come in all shapes and sizes. 

If you would like more information and to see if your horse would be a good fit for TROT, contact our Program Director Dora below!

Sponsor One Of Our Horses

It takes a lot to care for our horses. Did you know that the care and feeding of our horses at Therapeutic Riding of Tucson is one of the organization’s largest expense?

On Average, it costs over $5000 a year per horse to cover basic needs like hay, grain, vet and farrier visits. Now multiply that by 13!

You can help, consider becoming a Best Buddy to one of our horses. Your fully tax-deductible gift of $1,000 will be designated towards horse care. Learn more about the Best Buddy Program at TROT. 

Be a Best Buddy Today!

We can't do what we do without them, they can't do what they do without you!

Thank you to our Herd Heroes!

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