Adaptive Riding

Back In The Saddle

Equine-Assisted Learning

Adaptive riding is recreational horseback riding and horsemanship lessons adapted to meet the unique needs of individuals with special needs.

Back In The Saddle promotes independence and confidence to get you back in the saddle. This program is for men and women who want to reestablish their connection with horses or who may have had a traumatic experience associated with horses.

Participants learn relationship skills to promote human growth and development in a context that includes various activities with equines.

Equine-Assisted Counseling

Heroes on Horses

Riders Up!

Equine-Assisted Counseling is a non-traditional form of counseling provided by a Licensed Mental Health Professional.

Heroes on Horses is specifically designed to address the needs of veterans living with physical and emotional disabilities.

For individuals 55 years and older, Riders Up! exercises both mind and body through structured lessons. 

Physical Benefits

Cognitive Benefits

Social Benefits

Emotional Benefits

Who Can Ride

TROT provides services to a diverse population of individuals living with disabilities starting at age 4, including a specific class for military Veterans.

Most Common diagnoses are, but not limited to:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Post-Traumatic Stress
  • Down’s Syndrome
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Limb Amputations

To ensure safety for all, applicants are required to have their primary physician complete and sign a medical release before participating in TROT’s programs. A printable PDF of this form can be found under Resources or by clicking HERE.

Adaptive Riding

Throughout the world, there are thousands of individuals with special needs who experience the rewarding benefits of horseback riding. A disability does not have to prevent a person from riding horses. In fact, experiencing the motion of a horse can be very therapeutic, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Because horseback riding rhythmically moves the participant’s body in a manner similar to a human gait, participants with physical challenges often show improvement in flexibility, balance, and muscle strength. As the participants work on riding skill based goals through different tasks and activities, they can experience emotional benefits, including reduced feelings of depression and anxiety, increased self-esteem, enhanced focus, improved social skills, and a sense of control and connection.

Ready to harness your unbridled potential?

Back In The Saddle (BITS)

BITS is made for individuals who:
-have past involvement with horses
-may have suffered an equine related injury
-want to overcome any equine related trauma 
-had an experience that hinders their relationship with horses 

BITS participants report experiencing:
-physical benefits
-emotional benefits
-decreased anxiety
-improved confidence
-increased riding skills knowledge

Get back in the saddle

Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL)

Equine-assisted learning (EAL) is an experiential learning approach that promotes the development of life skills for  educational, professional and personal goals through equine-assisted activities. Working with equines provides opportunities to teach critical life skills such as trust, respect, honesty and communication. Various format offerings are available for organizations and school groups. Please contact our office for more information about these opportunities.

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Equine-Assisted Counseling (EAC)

EAC is an experiential form of counseling that includes horses to achieve personal and emotional growth. All EAC sessions are facilitated by a licensed mental health professional who works with an individual to address their personal goals. These goals are set forth by the client and the mental health professional. TROT offers special groups for women, teens, veterans and first responders.

Honesty and Trust

Self-control and confidence

Respect for self and others

Problem solving and cooperation

Improved communication skills

Responsibility and accountability

Boundary setting

Improved Mood

Experience the healing power of horses

Heroes on Horses

Heroes on Horses is specifically designed to address the needs of veterans and first responders of all abilities in our community. Our vision is to help them achieve both physical and emotional goals and improve their quality of life through the use of equine-assisted activities and therapies. Equine-assisted learning, adaptive riding, and equine-assisted counseling has been successful in helping veterans and first responders show improvements in emotional awareness, stress tolerance, independence, TBI, post-traumatic stress, impulse control and much more.

TROT's Mental Health Professional is certified through Academy Hour, an organization dedicated to providing education and competency training to providers in the community in order to best serve Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders.

To honor and pay special tribute to those who have served,
TROT offers this program at no cost to the veteran or first responder.

Consider sponsoring a Hero

Riders Up!

Riders Up! is for men and women age 55 and over with age-related challenges. It is designed to enhance flexibility, endurance and strength for those experiencing reduced mobility because of injury, arthritis, or low muscle tone. Our Riders Up! program exercises both mind and body through structured lessons for riders of different levels. 

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